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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Energy in all forms are vital for our way of life and our society, the use of crude oil span from power generation, benzine, gasoline, plastics, aluminium, Fluor, water desalination and several other functions and products, our every day life include and depend on crude oil and refined products.

Kinesis specialize in imports of all type of crude or final products, we import crude mainly from Middle East with prime position on the price per barrel and the availability.

We also use our network to refine the crude to final products for the account of the clients by providing all full range of petroleum products or derivates including needle coke, our network use proprietary technologies and facilities to perform this operation task for us and at a cheap cost.

Kinesis can adapt the trading strategies and provide storage of your product for a certain period, this option used for trading purpose allows the client to benefit of several crude oil tank of 1,500,000 kl and slop tanks or 4000 Kl, the final products can also be stored for a maximum capacity of 1,400,000 Kl, we can store up to 60 days for short term trading.

We also have options to store final products has LPG or else, please contact us for more details.

Our network of refineries are using numerous process and it includes distillation, desulfurization, cracking, thermal cracking and else.

Kinesis specialize in Jet A1 fuel (airlines), LPG, Benzene (plastics) , Naphta (for petrochemical products), Diesel Fuel (trucks and European market), Fuel A & C (Heating fuel and also power plants), Pitch (needle coke & steel or aluminium), Xylene, Kerosene or Gasoline (M1).

Kinesis Strength come with a strong client and operators database allowing direct trading operations, our database integrated to Asterion Blockchain technology will allow the requests to be protected and distributed to our network only for trading, our database is built over long term relationship and the storage is part of our strong links we created over time.

Kinesis Design and Cutting Edge Production Technologies

Refinery Design and Advisory Services

Kinesis core business for oil and gas, also specialize in designing heavy fraction and very complex refineries for clients, we design refineries of more than 100,000 barrels per day, our engineers specialize in fluid catalytic cracking and also vacuum residue thermal cracking solutions to create more substrates and also use asphalt to create additional products.

Our analysis and advisory consulting will allow the client to be competitive in the market compliant with the new sulfure level regulation and reglementation and we also comply with the international standards.

Our engineering and consulting will help the client to reduce the proportion of residue in the heavy crude to reduce the impact and maximize the extraction, our technological knowledge and capabilities will allow you to respond to the growing trend with a conventional API (you can find in the global worldwide market).

% services

  • Design of Refinery
  • Trading
  • Storage (Blockchain)

Type of Refinery Designed

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking
  • Vacuum Residue Cracking
  • Conventional Fuel

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