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Airports Kinesis Canada has created EKOS (Energy Kinesis Operation & Solutions), this company specialize in Deep Geothermal Energy and Geothermal solutions for airports and aeronautical infrastructures only.

EKOS is an international firm based in Toronto, Canada that has been founded to provide energy opportunities at reasonable operating costs.

EKOS is specialized in the design, installation, financing and operation of deep excavation Geothermal Energy Plants using new patented closed loop heat extraction technology for the future of generations.

Our systems are built to maximize energy extraction with no impact to the environment or to the geology of the area.

We also provide exploratory studies for evaluation of sites, energy requirements, power grid requirements and optimization.

As energy is one of the basic building blocks of expanding an economy, through our partners we further provide full economic impact analysis and funding strategies for the development of our Clients.

EKOS is to be specialised in the financing and operation of deep excavation Geothermal Energy Plants using new patented closed loop heat extraction technology. The systems are built to maximise energy extraction with no impact to the environment or to the geology of the area. The systems also do not rely on expensive exploration as they do not require specific geothermal pockets and instead rely on natural earth core heat which can be gained in most areas between 5 and 10 km from the surface. This means 100% success on each drill site and flexibility to place the plant at almost any location.

The plants are able to produce between 12 and 140 MW of electrical power (MWe) dependant on the number of external heat recuperation tubes that are implanted at each site. In addition, the plants are able to produce 2 thermal MW (MWt) per MW of electricity produced. This additional thermal energy is used by the plant to provide heating, cooling, and water purification services to its clients.

Due to the constant need of power consumption as well as heating and cooling services, EKOS has focused its preliminary business development efforts on airports. Once a plant is installed it can easily provide services to surrounding airports and aeronautical areas and even to a national level through utilisation of existing power networks.

EKOS, has already signed land rights and development licenses for the creation of a first project facility which will be placed within the boundaries of the airport Le Bourget near Paris, France.

Upon evaluation of KWh prices (revenue), EKOS has determined that it will focus initial project development in regions with high energy demand (such as many areas in Africa) as well as places with high energy prices (such as most of Europe). In addition to the project at Le Bourget, EKOS are in discussions with a number of airports including: Serbia, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Thailand and many more…

The business model for each plant will be tailored to maximising the use of energy that can be produced, however, in general each plant will be financed by EKOS with a guarantee of 15 to 30 year operational contract to supply at minimum the airport but also surrounding businesses and communities.

Each plant will cost between 125 and 150 million USD to build. Costs will be highly dependent on depth needed to be obtained to gain a constant 350 Degrees Centigrade. In some cases this depth may only be 2-3 km, in other places the depth could reach 10 km.

The operational expenses of the Plant are very minimal and can be calculated to approximately .02 USD per KWh.

Minimum expected revenue per KWh for electricity production alone would be .10 USD per KWh but will more than likely average around .15 to .28 USD per KWh. This will enable the project to be reimbursed within the first 6-7 years of operation.

Another important aspect of this technology is also its high ability to manufacture carbon credits.

EKOS has through years of experience of its founders been able to adequately access the Carbon Credits market and would be able to offer these per project as a support to local government or as an additional instrument of securing financing requirements.

The main goal for EKOS within the next 5 years is to have approximately 20 to 30 plants producing and options to build an additional 10.

Financing the Future

EKOS is looking at several financing options to provide investors with a highly stable growth oriented financial development package that will guarantee a minimum return on investment of 8% after 10 years. In addition to initial working capital options, we are able to provide a project by project or grouped financing request opportunity that will maximise long term ROI opportunities.

Through our efforts in partnership with our investors we seek to expand EKOS to be able to generate a stable growth centre for long-term investment opportunity development and we remain open to evaluate different models to provide the right opportunity for any portfolio plan.

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