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AKC a specialist in Digital Business for MRO and Airlines

Airports Kinesis Canada specialize in Digital Assets, Digital Infrastructures for Airlines and Aeronautical business (including operators).

The global volume of data for the aeronautical business and the global fleet will generate an upward of 98 millions of Terabytes of data by 2026, a single large aircraft generates over 500 gigabytes of data from 600,000 parameters per flight.

AKC specialize in designing the perfect and secure facilities and solution for you or your airline company, the MRO operators will be capable to interconnect their data and save them for the airlines through a secure channel and network, exabytes of data can be processed through asterion blockchain and this mutualization will lower the average cost of maintenance per commercial flights maintained by 40% (so generate margin for airlines and MRO operators).

AKC will also do this best through our cyberthreat specialists to check the security of the data and also provide solutions to check, assess and secure the interactions between the cabin and the cockpit.

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