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North Bali International Airport

Our concept and design is destinated to preserve the nature ecology and enhance the economy through a sustainable and eco-friendly airport to provide a unique a new platform to support the growth of passengers and flights over the island, this airport will be a new experience to the international and ASEAN community where the green conciliate with the functional and the efficiency without harming the beauty of the island.

Our company designed this airport to be the future new hub for Indonesia for the commercial flights coming from pacific and the cargo operations from the trans-pacific partnership agreement countries, the new NBIA airport will be the unique high volume hub for cargo operations on the australasia area and the unique passengers and trim visitors for the pacific rim.

To achieve this new features for Indonesia, our company AIrports Kinesis Consulting, developed a unique masterplan and strategic plan with a 40 years vision fully compliant with the Indonesia regulations and the International quickest growth and this vision is outlined in this document.

Our company is commited to create a new experience for international passengers and a platform Indonesia can be proud of.

Our vision for new bali airport in the north

Our plan is to build a world class airport that support airlines, freights and aviation related businesses to economically succesful and to boost the north bali and Indonesia economies.

The airport infrastructure will be able to accommodate in a very efficient way, Code A, B, C, D and E aircrafts, the apron is mainly designed with bays to support Code C, D and E aircrafts (A320, B757, A380,A350 and many other aircrafts).

Functional buildings are provided to the administration, cargo and many other functions in full compliance with local Indonesian laws and international IATA and ICAO regulations.

Among the landside infrastructure projects being considered over the concession period, an APM train Station is provided to the airport users in order to avoid high taxi costs, congestion and many other major security problems.

An airport city located near the airport including hotels, residential areas, commercial centers and many other developments is provided in order to increase the ratio of the catalytic effect and provide to the airport users a very beautiful area near shore and close to the airport.

We integrated to our master plan a new vision heavily based on sustainable growth and development, no identified environmental risks was found during our assessment, the choice of this area was carefully made in order to not harm fishing, no unique fish species was found in this area, no corals, the depth is compliant with NOAA information at low levels etc..

Our master plan scheme is based on our Zero Energy Airport and low Carbon policy and concept, this concept developed by our company include the storm water harvesting and reusing, the furniture of clean and renewable energy at medium scale allowing the airport to run in autarky during 70% of this operation, the use of sea water to fulfill the potable and non-potable water needs, a very clever nano grid using supraconduction for renewable energy systems and many other solutions to not harm the beauty of the island of Bali during the concession time and reduce the pressure on the local investments and needed cash flow for the state owned companies like PLN and more.

We planned and developed a green master plan for the island of Bali. Our company is actually engaging the Balinese community and will seek to consult and engage again the Banjar and many other communities and its stakeholders wherever possible.

Our master plan and this project presents actually a direct and an indirect opportunity of economic and social growth for the north Balinese community on its longer term vision up to 2040.

North Bali Airport a new experience for the passengers, airlines and professionals.

Meeting the future aviation needs and growth

North Bali Airport has been carefully designed in order to best respond to the future trends in air travel and airlines operations.

Several options has been evaluated and our company came with one of the best option capable to provide a multi-option solution for larger aircrafts with a terminal layout with two separated piers with two different functions and totally independant.

The airfield is designed to enable planes to get to and from the terminal quickly with a reduced taxiing and an enhanced ability to turn flight around, the airport will be supported with a new system named A-GIS standing for Airport Geographical Information System, this system developped by AKC team, allow the airlines and operators to optimize the taxiing and the taxilanes operations.

The terminal north is designed for ASEAN and Domestic passengers, the flow is simplified with dedicated functions providing an ease for this type of passengers, this piers will act as a terminal building alone, the duty free operations and all the commercials requirements will be 100% dedicated to ASEAN and Domestic passengers, this will allow the passenger to have a different experience and for the operator to diversify the revenues by having a duty free operation fully different per piers.

The terminal south is designed for International passengers, the flow is fully compliant with IATA requirements and allowing the international flights to be processed using the international regulations, the duty free shop and experience from one pier to the other pier allowing the passenger to make this last buy and experience something different from the terminal.

Additionnal aviation support buildings will be developed at the airport, including cargo and MRO with maintenance facilities, there will also be a new centrally located airport emergency service facility to rescue and firefighting requirements.

These airfield enhancement will give to Indonesia a resilient airport that can accomodate growth in passengers and flights numbers and provide long term capacity for both the terminal and the runway system, the design of AKC using this enhancement as a base fondation to realize and make this airport will result in better airport operations and efficiencies for airlines and their passengers.

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