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Kertajati Aerotropolis


Business and industrial development area designed as the AEROTROPOLIS.
Also the first that integrate urban planning, business planning, and
transportation infrastructure.
Based on 6 clusters (Aerospace Park, Logistic, Business Park, Creative Technology, Residential & Township, Energy Centre).
AKC has developed the entire feasibility study for this project including the business plan and the financial strategies.

“Anchored by a new international airport, the Kertajati Airport City coordinates a cohesive cluster of distinctive and highly-connected development sites in close proximity to Bandung and many others high skilled regional areas.

BIJB Kertajati Aerotropolis concept includes the development of several core initiatives as an airport city and represents an opportunity of transformation for the entire West Java region and the proposition aims to attract global businesses, industries, professionals and aerospace sectors creating new employment opportunities and stimulating economic growth – locally, regionally and nationally.” 


In October 2015, BIJB in coordination and support of West Java decided to create a new airport in the area of Kertajati, this airport is supported by an airport city who will create an environment for businesses to thrive and stimulate growth in the places that have the most potential, acting as a springboard for private sector growth and wider regeneration.

The 3500-hectare, Kertajati sits around the new strategic-scale development of an ‘Aerotropolis’, involving a significant new business destination in the area immediately adjacent to the airport’s terminals and ground transport interchange (including the new toll road).

Complementing this new concept area, will be aerospace node, a health and biotech-related research and development, Airlines training facilities associated with RAI, ICT, Renewable Energy, Bio-Life, Science, Agribusiness, Financial Centre, Logistics and Storage which also benefits from the proximity of Kertajati International Airport.

Vision for Kertajati Aerotropolis

The essential vision for the Majalengka Airport City is of an area driven by the economic activity generated by the airport and the multimodal access.

The proposed Airport City initiatives includes very efficient primary drivers and linked clusters of readily developable and deliverable sites, each with distinct market, functional and development character, can be linked into an integrated economic whole.

The geographic proximity of the site all connected by a global multimodal network of accessibility provided by the MRT (Railway) and the motorway networks serving Jakarta (Central) to Bandung (West Java), will create an economic growth to the current economic activity.

The economic activity, the consequent multiplier opportunities to surrounding sites and the physical links between them and the surrounding city, region, nation and world, constitute the underlying structure of the new Majalengka Airport City.

Kertajati Aerotropolis is scaled to include several clusters that can help the region and the airport to maximize this potential by generating a development capacity within the context of realistic estimates of those projects and west java demand, so as to minimize relocation from existing regional employment areas and to focus support employment generated by the core sites in the immediate vicinity.

Additional economic activity can be captured in addition to activities directly linked to the airport, which the land dedicated to the Aerotropolis can accommodate.

The vision for the Kertajati Aerotropolis  focuses on development opportunities to accommodate Cargo and goods businesses and financial platforms that will benefits from the high level of connectivity provided by proximity to an international airport, but which are from a wider range of sectors and of a more varied size than is traditionally found at sites close to a major airport, including: business space, ICT connectivity, South Asia HQ, offices, logistics, advanced manufacturing and supporting retail and leisure, including hotels, conferencing facilities, aerospace nodes, renewable energy and many other nodes.

Complementing these will be health and biotech related research and development, as well as training facilities associated with RAI.

An emphasis has been placed on the distinctiveness of the employment and development offer in each of the core areas and peripheral cluster opportunities, and on their linkage into a combined economic presence of national and international importance.

Benefits of Kertajati Aerotropolis 

Kertajati Aerotropolis is intended to stimulate business growth through the provision of very efficient clusters and financial solutions based on Sharing based equities and revenue form of business rate and process.

This technique will support for international business enquiries, and actively encourage the best overseas and national companies to consider the Kertajati Aerotropolis as their global partner of choice.