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Guinée Equatoriale Bata Airport

Airports Kinesis Canada has been in charge of the airside engineering at the runway for the airport of Guinée Equatoriale in Bata Airports.

Bringing top notch engineering and engineers on the ground for the account of the client.

AKC was performing analysis, tests, technical inspections to the exclusion of regulated technical service including technical studies and consultancies (Civil Engineering, Buildings, Infrastructures Works)

  • professional training for adults

On site

> sampling

> density and compacity controls

> plate test static and dynamic

> deflection measurements

> penetrometer

> pressuremeter

> settlement devices consolidation tests

> inclinometers


> geotechnical tests

> classification tests

> identification / sieve analysis

> soil stabilization

> shear strength tests

> oedometer, compression, consolidation

> water, organic matter, sulphates level

> current chemical analysis

Engineering | Project management | External and exterior controls

Technical assistance – Project engineering

> assistance to the Project Manager

> technical requirements for Ultimate Waste Storage Centre

> site monitoring, earthworks, dams, underground works

> foundation and retaining wall

> steadiness of slopes and dam

> tunnels and trenching technology

> harbor works

> underpinning works

> ultimate waste storage centre

Monitoring of sites

> earthworks, highways, foundations, structure implementation control

Non destructive tests


The equipment developed, made and maintained by our Technologies ensures the operation independence of the agencies, the materials’ follow up and renewal.

The following tests are carried out:

> sonic core test

> mechanical impedance and reflection

> parallel sonic method

The materials used meet the NF P 94 160 1 to 4 standards.

Application fields

> piles, barrettes, diaphragm walls

> slabs, sills

> tunnels

> rockfill

Other tests and instrumentation monitoring

> static and dynamic load tests

> tensioning control tests

> transmission coefficient (prestressed cables)

> receipt of structure works

> vibration monitoring

> inclinometer, settlement gauges

> pore pressure measurements

Specific applications

> sheet piles, length, clipping

> tie back anchors: length and strain/load®

> jet grouting, lengths

> wear and tear, system rigidity

Pavement | Roadway

On site

> material quality control

> surface characteristic control

> conformity and mixing plant control

> thickness and density control of road layers


> tests on aggregates and asphalt products

> asphalt content tests

> indentation

Consultancy services

> technical assistance to the client

> diagnosis of road networks

> pavement design

> technical matters analysis

> material analysis


Use of Several Radar

> ballast thickness measurement

> railway crosspiece

Non destructive auscultation of roadways

The measurements concern roadways and airport pavements

> SF GPR Radar equipment manufactured by our Technologies allows roadway thickness measurements within centimeters. Ongoing international patent

> Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) measures the deflection caused by a dynamic load

> skid tests: frictional values are measured by certified equipment

The measurements are associated with core drillings and laboratory tests, resulting in diagnosis and maintenance and / or reinforcement work recommendations.