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Batam MRO Development


Awan Mega Sdn Bhd (AMSB) is pleased to announce that AKC has designed, masterplanned and developed the first mega smart aeronautical MRO facilities in Hang Nadim Airport in Batam.

Part of the new PPP program handled by Hang Nadim Airport, our company Airports Kinesis Canada has worked closely with the government and Batam to develop the second innovative smart MRO center to provide component Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul solutions to support the growing asian fleet market through a digitalization of the whole industry to avoid a loss of production and employment for the region.

AMAC who created the AMAC project has been recently acquired by Airports Kinesis Canada a leader in the aeronautical and astronautical development and investment, the major objective of this acquisition is to support the growth of the Asian market by providing a smart major centralized centre named Awan Mega Airpark Centre.

Based on a non-listed REIT structure AMAC project will reduce the risk of worldwide MRO operators who wants to operate in asia by providing an attractive facility for MRO companies and operators willing to provide services to the major actors of the airlines industry and seeking to obtain a solid and adaptable infrastructure to grow their businesses.

Airports Kinesis Canada with this investment firm Kinesis Capital & Investment has already agreed to invest in one additional majors smart MRO centre dedicated to Engine and Airframe engineering, the following one will be located in Savanhakhet, this last facility is already fully agreed by the Deputy prime minister of Lao this excellence Sonexay SIPHANDONE and the Governor.

AMAC project will capture easily a high percentage of market shares due to this strategic location in Batam, Airport Kinesis Canada and AMSB will gather many MRO operators in AMAC to obtain a better profitability, economic growth and skilled workers.

AMAC will help to revitalize the Indonesian aviation industry through the region of Batam, by generating one of the best service to airlines and MRO operators, AMAC will integrate a Smart MRO processing and complete facilities that will contain more than 24 heavy maintenance hangars capable to handle 7 aircraft code C or 2 code F in only one hangar, AMAC will hold a complex IT Quantum database capable to handle big data and will run a unique blockchain named Asterion Blockchain to secure any data regarding the aircraft maintenance.

AMAC is also the first MRO 4.0 based on blockchain technology for financial purpose, Kinesis Capital & Investment has developed new cryptocurrency named AERIOS, this cryptocurrency dedicated to the aeronautical activity will allow the airline industries to reduce their transactions costs by using a low cost exchange mechanism and to maximize profits and enhance aircraft maintenance through a productive supply chain management.

This structure built on innovative tools such as blockchain will allow international MRO operators to perform special maintenance to very complex aircrafts and provide a top-notch service to airlines using a double workshop with complete equipment’s for composite, engine, mainframe, electronics, magnetics and many more, today the airline companies will not have to split the destination of their fleet to multiple MRO for every kind of Maintenance and Overhaul.

AMAC MRO is the first complete one stop Smart MRO centre for all type of Aircrafts.

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About Awan Mega

Awan Mega Sdn Bhd (AMSB) is an aviation and aeronautical specialist company with its numerous expertise in the industry. The expertise is composed by specialists in aviation, aeronautical business development, airlines specialists, management of airlines and assets and many more.

AMSB has recently being acquired for an undisclosed amount by Airport Kinesis Consulting (Kinesis Group), a renowned specialist in aviation industry with development experience of more than 30 airports ranging from Middle East, Europe and Asia. Through this smart acquisition, AMSB is getting the advantages of being part of a very pro-active group technically proficient and resourceful in the emerging aviation industry.

About AKC:

Airports Kinesis Consulting (AKC) delivers and merges business experience with technical strengths.  AKC’s expertise with Kinesis Capital and Investment lies in understanding the financial needs and properties of a project and the constraints of a country, KC&I is in charge to invest the necessary capital to realize the project.

Airports Kinesis Consulting is a leading engineering, management and financial company operating globally.