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International Presence

More than 7 Years Experience
Unique experience in very large and complex projects, with more than 46 offices in the world our presence is our added value (being close to your project, investment and operation)
46 Offices to match your expectations
Kinesis Group is aware that every client is unique, they have a different<br /> culture, expectations and personalities. Our group commitment is to provide<br /> you personalized services that not only match but exceed your expectations.
Present in 28 countries
Our company has a representative office in 28 countries with a penetration index of 5.3% and a Development ratio of 87%, we are providing our services all over the world and our presence will allow to gain your trust.

Strong Company Values

Kinesis Group a very complete and flexible structure

AKC is a very flexible company capable to design complex airports infrastructures and fullfill all the requirement of a project in very fast

way, we invest in first and second phase of very specific projects, our company and this pool of investment is specialized in very high

profile investment scheme and projects like airports and high infrastructure solutions like ports, energy, renewables and many more.

Our specialization share is characterized following this scheme.

Specialization Share

  • Financing and Engineering
  • Specialization
  • Turn Key

Combination of Financial & Engineering services is for the following typology :


Kinesis Group brings a unique blend of expertise from financing to contracting & operation for several types of projects like airports, airport cities, aerotropolis, ports, etc…

New Technologies

Kinesis Group is holding more than 10 patents in new technologies including Airports, Aerotropolis, Finance, Technics for development and many more.


Kinesis Group is specialized through this group on large scale renewable energy power plants and new geoplutonics or nuclear, with a combined generation of more than 1500 MW.

REIT & Concessions

Through our company KINESIS REIT, we are capable to handle and manage very complex projects and concessions using specific financial tools, we provide build to suit projects on Fit in or Fit out concept, we also provide performance over operation.

Turn Key Contracting

From master planning, financing, supervision and contracting, our group is capable to handle your project from day one to this completion and provides you also operation.

Operations through Kinesis REIT Management

Kinesis Group is also specialized in operation of airport projects and valuation of projects, we bring value to an airport before to transfer to the operator the airport or the infrastructure