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A-GIS Technology

A-GIS will convert your emission reduction opportunities within solid and tangible long term revenues.


Airports Kinesis Research & Development developed a new solution called A-GIS standing for Airports Geographical Information carbon Gathering System, to ensure that all the measures appliedby your air traffic controllers and your AODB center are rewarded, we have created a new generation of system, that allows you to generate formatted real time carbon emission reports.

You are just few step away to easily transform your apron, taxiway and runway carbon emission reduction in long term and solid tangible carbon and energy savings revenues.

Using a real time processor A-GIS provides you an overview and exact picture of your emission per day, per area and per type of vehicle in your runway, taxiway or apron Using color coding, Our system will clearly display your emission and storeall the requested information in onedynamic database allowing you to control, monitor and better optimize your airport traffic activities.


  • Charles de Gaulles CDG Airport (Through Vumetre)
  • AMAC by default in the design
  • Kertajati Airport
  • And many more…


Our company initially created this software to monitor the traffic on taxiways, rapid exit, apron aircraft occupation and runway processing, our Research and Development division recently extended the capacity of this software, allowing him today to calculate accurately your airside atmospheric emissions.

A-GIS is not a simulation software where the user need to integrate datas in order to evaluate at 70% the airport emissions, our software do all the job you have nothing to do.

A-GIS is composed by several core system engines all integrated to an AI Shard Database inside Asterion, the airside informations are all sent to the main core who will use complex algorithms to calculate in real time the emission using this internal database who include (the type of engine per aircrafts, the MTOW registered, the type of fuel used, the second when the APU starts, the disconnection from GSE, etc..) every aircraft, vehicle and other are tracked with a perfect accuracy.

We use our skills and expertise to create an innovative and creative work environment to achive your goals.

Airports Kinesis Consulitng is a leading provider of Airports Energy Savings Solutions and Environmental Conservative Measures, our company is specialized in Carbon Strategies, Co2 allowances, Energy, Conservation and Efficiency Measures.

As Consultants we have significant opportunities to develop and design innovative and sustainable solutions.

Through our R&D department based in Quebec, Canada, we are devoted to create the most efficient energy soluti- ons and Carbon financial products for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Optimize your air traffic and support operations

A-GIS offers you a complete turn key solution including an audit of your existing airport traffic and support operations, in order to implement our soluti- on in very good conditions.

Our solution will help you gather reliable and accurate datas and informations to manage your critical processes and your see the results of your measu- res in real time process.

A-GIS Can handle all aircrafts type and is 100% compliant with the EU-ETS Scheme (C&T), IATA & ICAO Recommandations, IBAC, CDA, FAA and many others.

We are offering you three versions of AGIS which are compliant with your airport structure, if you are interested by AGIS ? please contact our company we will be more than happy to set up a demo of our software based on your airport or infrastructure.

AGIS can be presented by Visio Conference, please feel free to contact us.