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Zero Energy Airport

ZEA – Zero Energy Concept

One year ago the idea emerged, Since Airports Kinesis Consulting developed in research and development stage this new practical off-the-grid airport concept based on this experience in design of more than 32 airports.

This airport with a capacity of 4.6 Mpax will use 8 passenger boarding bridge covering code C,D,E and F, the infrastructure will consist of 29 (twenty nine) ancillary buildings working in total autarky these facilities will be supplied by multiple dynamic renewable grid networks and local systems.

This project is initially developed and implemented for experimental purpose in Doha, Qatar, this project is totally flexible and can easily be implemented everywhere in the world.

ZEA is an engineering and energy concept, ZEA is not defined as an architectural scheme design, ZEA concept is the off-the-grid concept and the dynamic renewable grid network which is fully applicable to existing airports facilities using airports retrofit process.


The energy capacity using fossil fuel primary energy is increasingly constrained to be limited.

The aviation and airports sector are accounted for around 6 % of the world oil demand, Over the period 1980–2008, oil demand in this sector more than doubled.

The number of passengers carried by air increased at close to twice this rate and lead today to build extensive airport infrastructures with very high demand in energy, the power needed by these infrastructure sometimes exceeds the typical power needs of more than 140.000 homes.

Operational Efficiency measures are today mainly performed on new and existing passenger terminal buildings to decrease and reduce the energy demand per passenger, in point of fact an airport is in reality a very complex infrastructure to build or optimize, this infrastructure often open 24/7 to handle passengers, aircrafts, freights etc.. require a very good knowledge of the country and airlines needs.

ZEA is born in 2012

ZEA project is born using the net zero principle which is viewed as a means to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels for energy demand and distribution.

ZEA also known for Zero Energy Airport, is developed through a combination of very complex process and design based on engineering experience and more than 30 airports.

ZEA airport is an entire renewable energy based and autonomous infrastructure, without any connection from the conventional fossil fuel, coal or nuclear grid network, we use the the electrical grid only to backup very important facilities and air navigation systems.

The energy used by ZEA is a smart and dynamic combination of multiple complex energy production technologies using several primary sources : solar, wind, bio-fuels, geothermal.

The overall use of energy on power plants is reduced at maximum using the last known technics, the provided facilities are highly efficient.

ZEA project is becoming more realistic as the cost of the renewable alternative energy systems and technology decline and the cost of of traditional fossil fuel, nuclear and coal are growing exponentially.

Excellent Service Standards

Zero Energy Airport is designed around the best international airport practices, including meeting all International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements, as well as international building codes and standards, Green Standards and Certified Recommendations.

The service standards provided will exceed those of other airports in the region. Specifically, the Airport shall provide specific comfort and reliability with the most adequate set of design requirements.

State-of-the-art Technology

The Zero Energy Airport will use advanced technologies for aircraft and passengers, and advanced green building technologies.

Efficiency of Operations

This airport will be planned with Zero Energy Carbon target, efficiency of flight operations and highest level of services and reliability as a main objective.

Financial Viability

The Zero Energy Airport will be operated as a business entity by generating revenue, reducing costs of operation per passenger, improve profits by reducing the part of the energy bills, increase operational efficiency and provide a significant vision for return on investment for Opex programs.

The revenues will be balanced amongst aeronautical , non-aviation, energy feed in process and carbon trading (selling) revenues. This can be accomplished through high-quality commercial facilities. Operating costs will be reduced by labour saving technologies,life-cycle analysis, and optimised designs and programs.

More information available in our presentation validated by AQME (Association Quebecoise of the Energy).


ZEA has presented this solution to reduce cooling charge for pre-cooling air and provide savings for Pre-Conditionned Air Units (Unit supplying chilled air to aircraft in standby positions).

Available for download – click here

Zea has been presented in the Inter Airport Europe in Munich, the industry news written by the famous Martin Lamprecht has been presenting the ZEA concept in detail and has been present in the Preview brochures of the Event.

Download the preview – Click here

Future of Aviation from ADB has collected all the majors consultant in the world from NAS to AKC to present their vision of the airport 2020, many consultants has been talking about ZEA and AKC.

Download the vision 2020 – Click here