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Complex Buildings

Airports Kinesis to design and realize your unique and complex building

Airports Kinesis Canada specialize in Asset Management, Development of Complex Buildings, MRO complex processing, Planning & Development and we provide technical consulting & financial or aeronautical forecasting.

We don’t only design your complex building, we also combine our knowledge, experience and culture to help our client plan and realize their projects, our span of service is wide and goes from financing using equities or venture capital to complex debts mechanisms (alternative investments), we provide to our clients a unique added value that only big names can provide.

We provide also a very unique strategic management for the operation or the realization, by doing our best to reduce long term equities to short terms, balance the interests by using swap techniques, generate additional value through trading (energy or else), and many more.

With our large network or investors, we can simply push your project through our blockchain database of investors or just stamp your design and the business plan you will be sure that more than 70% of the investors will see it and value it ! Kinesis is well known by more than 300 investment groups and more than 2145  family offices over the world, our stamp is the guarantee to have the financing.

Complex Buildings Presentation

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The first company to combine efficiently financial with engineering

Our company design small and large facilities, we range from very complex airports to bio medical facilities, healthcare, nuclear power plants and many more.

Sustainability, Buildability, Functions, Costs, New Materials, Neo Engineering methods and many more are the challenges and the key consideration to succeed in the realization a special & complex building.

With many years of experience in complex and special buildings for defence, military, aeronautical facilities our company has developed an integrated design mechanism allows our skills to be added in every type of buildings, from hospitals to conventional buildings, our company will be capable to design and realize your building with a top notch and affordable engineering process.

Airports Kinesis Canada integrate multi-disciplinary services and work in full coordination with these clients to problem solve and explore multiple solutions in order to deliver a unique result.

AKC is specialize in the following services :

  • Design and Architecture
  • Design Management
  • Building Information Modelling
  • GIS adapted to Contracting
  • Lighting and Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Public Health Design
  • Construction Engineering
  • Acoustics and Vibration (integrated to structures)
  • Wind Engineering and Modelization
  • Seismic Engineering
  • Hydro-Dynamic Platform and Offshore Structures
  • Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering
  • Fire Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design

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