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Aviation & Aeronautics

Aviation & Aeronautical Services

Airports and Aeronautical Services require professionals at your services to not only comply to your financial and architectural requirements but also to comply to the international regulations and reglementations.

The increasing demand of aviation and aeronautical services driven by a low price of the crude oil, low cost carriers, digitalization of the industry and a high demand on constant fast traveling is pushing the governments and airport operators to be more profitable and sustainable with a very low Capex (investment).

Airports Kinesis is the only company in the world to combine complex financial engineering to the conventional airport engineering compliant with IATA and ICAO standards.

The competitive advantage of Airports Kinesis Canada is to design complex and compliant infrastructures for airport operators and governments in the benefits of investors and the ration cost-revenue, our airports are not only design for people but to generate a viable source of revenues, our philosophy is to design a catalytic engine and not a simple infrastructure, so our airport or infrastructure will be masterplanned in a way to generate high added value from day one !

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Airports Kinesis is playing a unique role in the turn key projects developments all over the world.

We develop projects from Greenfield and we specialize in bring a new vision and expertise in every design we perform for our clients, our financial skills of a team of financial engineers previously issue from Goldmann Sachs, Lehmann or Price Waters Coopers will allow you to cope and meet your special demands and develop specific tools to not only design your airport or infrastructure but also to finance it (through our network or round tables).

Our clients range from Governments, Airports, Airlines or private clients and we specialize in smart MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul), Cargo Facilities, Zero Energy Airports and all type of facilities.

We offer for every projects a new dimension in the engineering by combining financial possibilities with engineering solutions under your budget, one of our most famous and budget compliant solution provided these last years has been the Hydro-Dynamic Platform it’s a combination of piling system capable to react to the ground movements and capable to go deep in the sea, this solution has been cost effective by using post-injection process to ensure the stability and the security not only for people but also for aircrafts, the piles absorbs the vibration and reduce the vibration-sound for the eco-system.

Our solution designed is only 1/3 of the cost of the land ! so our client is saving 2/3 compared to the acquisition.


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